Networking – Association events, meetings, member directory, and information exchanges make networking a reality.

Seminars – Participation in seminars, workshops, service schools, and CETP – thought providing education sessions led by successful peers as well as regionally and nationally recognized experts.

Liaison – With local, state and federal agencies such as the NC Department of Agriculture, NC Department of Transportation, NC Department of Revenue, NC State Fire Marshall, NC Department of Insurance, NC Department of Labor and Federal DOT.  Also liaison with National Propane Gas Association staff on federal laws and  rules.

Involvement – Opportunity to be involved and participate in association programs vital to the propane industry and your business.

Publications – Monthly magazine full of propane articles, industry news and product information and annual membership directory.

Governmental Affairs – Association monitoring of pending legislation, rules and hearings both on local and national level.  Lobbyist under contract.

Benefits –  SEPA will assist you in purchasing supplies, books, forms, safety materials and other products.  SEPA also has a resource library available for you to use for your safety seminars.

Friendship – SEPA members are people who have many of the same concerns, needs and interest as you.  They’re the kind of people you’ll enjoy meeting and who will probably end up as your friends.

Know-How – Got a problem?  Need technical advice?  Help with an issue?  We are as near as the telephone.  We have a Safety and Training Director on staff to assist and if you need more detailed information, SEPA can put you in touch with individuals who have the know-how you need.

Convenience – When you’re facing a problem, isn’t it great to be able to shop for a variety of solutions under one roof?  We’re a “one-stop” center for advice, contacts, inspiration and suggestions.

Advocacy – We represent your interest before the business community and government. If your business or propane industry faces major threats, SEPA is here fighting for you.

Meetings – Quarterly meetings, Annual Convention, Southeastern Trade Show.

Member Benefit Program – A benefit program designed exclusively for Propane Dealers. Learn more!

Non-Member Listing Available Upon Request

Contact us for more information at 919-787-8485.