We had an amazing couple of days in Santee, South Carolina last week for the annual Marketer Appreciation Day and Technician Training! Over 60 marketers and suppliers attended the South Carolina Advisory Council meeting, chaired by Dugger Rimmer. Plus, we had a special guest, Kevin A. Shwedo (Colonel, USA, Retired) from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles!

South Carolina membership meetingOn Day Two we had our Southeast Propane Alliance training; we had over 100 technicians join us! We are truly grateful to our star panelists Bruce Swiecicki and Kate Gaziano from the National Propane Gas Association, and Shawn Stickle, South Carolina Fire Marshal for their insight on the latest gas ban, code, and safety regulations. Their enthusiasm and expertise really inspired our team and gave us valuable information that we can use in our day-to-day operations. Thanks again to Bruce, Kate, and Shawn for their time and expertise!


Eric Taylor and Richard O'ShealTo close out the event, Trent Johnson, Cody Reeves, and Kevin Stalcup shared lots of helpful info about technical service topics. And the best part? We had prizes to raffle off at the end!

Thank you to the South Carolina Advisory Council: Richard O’Sheal, Eric Taylor, Bryan Overcarsh, and Dugger Rimmer, for putting on a great event!



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