Effective July 1, 2024


Maximum Of $1,500.00 Per Customer Location Per 12-Month Period

  • Propane furnace or gas pack: $400.00
  • Propane-fueled vented room heater or wall furnace: $150.00
  • Propane-fueled tankless water heater: $300.00
  • Propane-fueled storage-type water heater: $300.00
  • Dual fuel heat pump with propane as one fuel (includes hydronic): $400.00
  • Propane-fueled cooktop/range: $50.00
  • Propane-fueled clothes dryer: $50.00


NC PERF 2024 – 2025 Safe Installation of Appliances Rebate Form

2024 – 2025 SEPA Appliance Rebate Form

Revised Rules for 2024- 2025 SEPA Safe Installation Rebate Program

Propane marketers who are participating must complete this form. After the installation of each new qualifying appliance, a safety inspection must be conducted. The acknowledgment of this inspection must be recorded on this form in a way that meets NC PERF’s standards. The minimum requirements for the safety inspection can be found on page 2 of this form.

Please ensure you submit this form and receipts for the purchase of each appliance to the NC PERF in order to be considered for any rebates. Failure to provide all necessary documentation will result in ineligibility for rebates. It is important to have the required inspections done to comply with industry standard practices, NC Fuel Gas Code requirements, or local code requirements. Please note that the NC PERF and the Southeast Propane Alliance are not liable for any customer being declared ineligible for rebates.

(This paperwork must be submitted to SEPA within 30 days of the appliance inspection date in order to receive a rebate.)

To receive a rebate, the propane marketer must submit a complete Application form, which includes a representation that the required safety test was completed. After installing each new qualifying appliance, a safety inspection must be conducted by the propane marketer. The safety inspection for qualifying appliance installations involves a leak test, a pressure test if required by applicable laws, rules and regulations, and a flow and lock up test on the regulator(s). The propane marketer agrees to adhere to all laws, rules, and regulations governing the installation of the qualifying appliance and follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

The Southeast Propane Alliance and NC PERF do not take any responsibility for the installation, inspection, or testing of the qualifying appliances or any associated gas system. By issuing a rebate, they do not make any representation, warranty, or guarantee regarding the qualifying appliances or the associated gas system. Furthermore, they disclaim any liability for any personal injury, property damage, business losses, or other damages, whether special, indirect, consequential, or compensatory, directly or indirectly arising from the installation of the qualifying appliances.

Looking for the Installer or Duty to Warn Rebates? —

2024 – 2025 SEPA Installer Rebate Form Electronic

2024-2025 SEPA Duty to Warn Rebate Form




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