About the Course

SEPATEC is offering a unique opportunity for employees to hone their skills and expertise in handling and delivering propane. This virtual training is designed to arm participants with the basic principles and practices of propane. It also delves into detailed aspects of Bobtail Delivery Operations.


Course Details

The course is conducted online and is available at a cost of $125 per class. The virtual classroom training is designed to be immersive and interactive, giving participants a chance to learn in a conducive environment that encourages participation and engagement.


Benefits of CETP Virtual Training

The CETP virtual training is a great opportunity to upgrade your skills and knowledge in the propane industry. Propane is an essential energy source that is used in various trades. So, having a solid understanding of its handling and delivery can open up a wealth of opportunities.


Course Schedule

The training sessions are scheduled to take place on the following dates:

  • 18-22 December 2023
  • 8-12 January 2024
  • 15-19 January 2024


How to Register

Interested participants can register for the CETP virtual training by contacting:

John Peña at 919-364-3003 or email us at jpena@sepatec.org



Investing in your skills and knowledge can open up new opportunities and possibilities. The CETP virtual training is designed to provide you with essential knowledge and expertise in propane. Whether you are in the energy sector or in trades that use propane, this training can equip you with the skills you need to excel. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from industry experts. Register now and be a part of this transformative training.



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