Our amazing team of Convention & Meetings Committee volunteers know what it takes to put on a great event! They work tirelessly to plan every detail, from selecting the perfect location to choosing the right menu and activities. It is a crucial task, as the success of the meeting largely depends on it. The committee is composed of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry, event planning, and the needs of our members.

asheville sepa fall meeting

One of the key factors in selecting a location is the accessibility and convenience for our members. The committee considers transportation options, proximity to airports, and the area’s ease of navigating. We strive to ensure our members can easily attend the meetings without worrying about logistical challenges.

Another important factor is the capacity and layout of the venue. We consider the number of attendees and ensure the venue comfortably accommodates everyone. We also consider the layout of the space and the availability of amenities such as golf, dining options, and catering services.

group fishing pictureIn addition to the location, the committee carefully plans the event details and activities. We aim to provide our members with balanced educational and networking opportunities. The committee considers feedback from previous events and surveys to ensure that the program meets the needs and interests of our members.

We strive to incorporate local flavor and culture into our events. This includes selecting local cuisine for our catering, arranging cultural experiences such as tours or performances, and highlighting local businesses and attractions. We also keep the budget in mind when planning the event details. We work hard to find innovative solutions that meet our members’ needs while staying within budget. We negotiate with suppliers and vendors to get the best deals and ensure that we provide our members with the highest quality experience.

sepa summer conventionOverall, the Convention & Meetings Committee takes a thoughtful and strategic approach to selecting the ideal locations and event particulars for our SEPA membership meetings. We take pride in creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for all attendees while providing valuable information, networking opportunities, and much fun!


If you’re interested in helping to select the location of our next event, be sure to sign up for the Convention & Meetings Committee or take a look at other SEPA committees that play an important role in our alliance!



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