About the Awards:

Each year, the Southeast Propane Alliance celebrates contributions to the propane industry with the Annual Awards. We invite you to nominate individuals and organizations that deserve recognition and celebration using this form. You may nominate one or more categories, recognizing the efforts of many. A selection committee supported by SEPA staff will consider all nominations received and each award’s description and select the final award winners. Awardees will be announced in early May in order for people to plan to attend the awards ceremony at the Annual Convention.


Please review all of the award descriptions fully, then use the link provided to nominate a nominee. Indicate for your nominee all awards that you believe your nominee could be recognized for. There are no limits to the number of nominees or forms you submit.


  • The Dealer of The Year is recognized by their peers for their body of work throughout the year that promotes and supports the advancement of our association, its members, and our industry.
  • The Supplier of The Year is recognized by their peers for their body of work throughout the year. This work is often done behind the scenes in order to benefit and support our association and its members.
  • The Women’s Leadership Award honors a successful female industry member for her business success, career achievements, and contributions to the community. This annual award helps inspire the continued growth of women in our industry.
  • The Finest Under Forty Award honors and recognizes a rising professional in our industry.
  • The Social Media Wizard Award is a new award has been established this year to acknowledge the individual or organization that excels in using social media to craft effective strategies and captivating content which drive exceptional results. This award celebrates those who promote the positive attributes and benefits of propane, benefiting everyone in the industry.


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